Whip out the checkbook and brush up on your handwriting skills as you peruse the fine wares available from yer buddies at Rattfink Ink!

As a marketing geek by trade, it is my sworn duty to help you part with your hard-earned money. With that in mind, we have spared no expense to provide new and exciting ways for you to dispense large quantities of personal funds. The least you can do is put our efforts to the test and have a look around, right? So without further ado:

The Rattfink All New, Millenium Edition, Obligatory E-Commerce Section
(trendy buzz words included no extra charge)
Rattfink Ink Tee Gratitude
Peace & Quiet Rattfink Ink
The Book

Or, if you can't remember how to use a pen and were really just looking for a contact page, you can send us e-mail to this address: daddio@rattfink.com

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